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Running Shorts

The design process at Tracksmith begins by identifying a product need that is unique to devoted runners. We craft each garment from the ground up based on its specific training use case: selecting the best material, silhouette and details to make that run more comfortable and more productive. 

Our shorts collection is crafted to cover the full breadth of a training cycle from easy shakeouts to race day. We broke this list out by the short’s design intention, but that does not preclude, for example, a short for “harder efforts” being worn on an easy run.


Everyday Training

These are our most versatile shorts designed to work for the majority of your daily training, whether that’s a shakeout or a tempo.

Harder Efforts

These are shorts designed with higher intensity efforts in mind, whether that’s a long run or a speed workout.

Tailored Performance

These shorts look as good in motion as they do standing still. The combination of premium materials and classic tailoring make them look and feel unlike any running shorts you’ve tried before.

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