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Layering in Winter

We’re a New England-based company, which means we know a thing or two about running in less-than-ideal conditions. With winters that can start in October and end in late April, we’re taught from a young age that surviving the cold is all about smart layering. Today, we focus on crafting versatile, warm and durable pieces that won’t weigh you down or leave you overheated. If you need help, we've assembled a guide to layering all winter long. In each section, pieces are listed from lightest to heaviest weight and by warmth.

Inside Out

Smart winter layering starts with the pieces that sit closest to your skin. We use Merino wool for our base layers because the fiber naturally balances warmth and breathability. Plus, Merino dries moisture in a snap and won’t retain odors from your run, which means you can wear your favorite base layer day after day. Here are your choices for layering.

Middle Ground

A great mid-layer needs to balance warmth with weight. When worn over a base layer, these pieces will provide plenty of insulation for most running conditions down to the mid-twenties Fahrenheit. They’re also light enough to zip a jacket over on days when it’s extremely cold, windy or wet.

Top it Off

Lightweight jackets pair well with a base layer for days around thirty or forty degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you plan on shedding a layer mid-run. When it heads below freezing, we'll zip a jacket over a base layer and mid-layer (along with mittens and a hat).

Leg Up

While layering may be important on top, on the bottom we reach for one piece that can provide warmth, without hindering our freedom of movement. From tights to pants, our bottoms are listed from lightest to heaviest.

Small Essentials

Runners know not to overlook the finer details, especially in wintertime, when the only thing that separates a great run from a terrible one is forgetting a pair of gloves. From Merino neck warmers and fleece mittens to beanies and arm sleeves, we’ve got a host of so-called “little things” that make all the difference over the long run.

Still Have Questions?

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