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Tracksmith Insulated Water Bottle

21 oz. squeezable insulated water bottle made with Camelbak

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3 reviews

Consistent Hydration

Through demanding freezing temperatures or under the scorching sun, the insulated water bottle proves its effectiveness in maintaining water at a drinkable temperature. It serves as a crucial hydration companion for runners, ensuring proper focus during intense physical activities, showcasing remarkable adaptability in the face of challenging elements.

Double-walled construction that keeps water cold twice as long.
High flow, self-sealing cap that maximizes flow rate
while eliminating splatters and spills.
100% free of BPA, BPS and BPF.

Embrace the Chill

No matter the season–hot or cold–hydration is a key arrow in a runner’s quiver. Our new 21 oz. water bottle, features an insulated double-walled construction and a high flow, self-sealing cap for ease of use at high speeds. Made with Camelbak, it is 100% free of BPA, BPS, and BPF.