The Sunday long run is often conflated with spirituality. It’s an easy comparison: like church, the long run is a weekend ritual. And like any religion, it encourages us to reflect on our shortcomings and appreciate all that we have. The fact that it’s the one run of the week where we push for distance, not speed, only encourages that - done correctly, it’s an introspective, centering experience.

We don't all share the same religion, but as runners we're all parishioners at the Church of the Long Run.

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There’s something about the long run that inspires introspection. Done solo, it’s a time for reflection and rumination. Done with training partners, it’s a time for spirited and engaging conversation. The mix of endorphins, adrenaline and hours on the road sparks insights we might never have discovered in our day-to-day. And sometimes these insights are about the meaning of life, and sometimes they’re about the meaning of brunch.

These are #LongRunDeepThoughts.
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