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But First, the

You're still wearing your winter down
when the first false spring appears
one lunchtime in late February 
or early March. 
The sun choosing
for one day only
to burn with a ferocity
you forgot it had.
Thoughts turn right on Hereford, 
left on Boylston
and keep racing and racing toward borrowed houses
made of wood, surrounded by woods
crickets singing hosanna to the 
riotous warmth of summer
and the possibilities within.
But first the thaw
and then

the spring.


Directed by the wolpertinger 
Written by Andy Waterman 
Voiceover by Lydia McDonald 

Ruben Sança
Meredith Rizzo 
Kate Raphael 

Composed by Brendon Randall-Myers
Performed by Miki Sawada