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Commit to Consistency

Nick Willis has run at least one sub-four mile each year since 2003. In 2021, he extended his streak to 19 years, breaking the world record held by fellow Kiwi John Walker.

3:58.15 Notre Dame, IN Meyo Invitational 07-Feb-2003
3:53.51 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 19-Jun-2004
3:53.43 Oslo Bislett Games 29-Jul-2005
3:52.75 Wanganui 11-Feb-2006
3:55.09 New York, NY Reebok Grand Prix 02-Jun-2007
3:50.66 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 08-Jun-2008
3:53.54i Boston, MA 07-Feb-2009
3:55.26i Boston, MA Reebok Indoor Games 06-Feb-2010
3:51.95 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 04-Jun-2011
3:51.77 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 02-Jun-2012
3:55.70 Des Moines, IA Drake Relays 27-Apr-2013
3:49.83 Oslo Bislett Games 11-Jun-2014
3:51.46 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 14-Feb-2015
3:51.06 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 20-Feb-2016
3:56.41 Huntington, NY Long Island Mile 06-Sep-2017
3:56.77 Birmingham Emsley Carr Mile 18-Aug-2018
3:55.45 London Emsley Carr Mile 21-Jul-2019
3:56.72 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 08-Feb-2020
3:58.63 Clermont, FL Orange Winter Classic #1 19-Jan-2021

Directed by Joel Wolpert.