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In it for the Long Run

The early days of spring are some of our favorites for going long. With races on the calendar for April, May and June, this is the time we’re grinding, adding mileage to the end of each week, savoring the feeling of going a little farther on tired legs. A few weeks ago, marathoners and University of Kentucky alumni Mick Iacofano and Hiruni Wijayaratne put on a long run clinic for us on Pearl Road in Boise.


For both Mick and Hiruni, post-collegiate training and racing has been a bit of a revelation. While they competed D1 at Kentucky, their careers came with the kinds of ups and downs that might have burned out other athletes. Instead, they embraced new, longer challenges, alongside careers, relationships and “real life”. They tackled marathons with a renewed love and sense of purpose.

Boston, with its challenging course and historically competitive elite field, will be Mick’s biggest opportunity yet. Will he be ready? As he churned out twenty solo miles at sunrise on Pearl Road in February, the answer was still being written.