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Last Days of
Summer Racing

The idea for a summer road race in Falmouth, MA was born in the mind of a running-obsessed bartender after his shift at a bar on Cape Cod in 1972. “The Sound was like shimmering in the silvery moonlight,” Tommy Leonard told Toni Revis, “And there was a little Roberta Flack in the background softly singing ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.’ I'm a bit of a romanticist, and I really want to do something for the Falmouth Girl's Track Club. And it all just came into being. So the conception was right there at the Brothers Four.”

Thus, a community-oriented and fun-loving spirit has infused the seven-mile race since its inception. It’s also been a hotbed for serious competition since its second year, when – in Tommy’s words – “a skinny, tow-head by the name of Bill Rodgers annihilated the field.”  

Marking the end of the summer racing season, it serves as a testing ground for runners eyeing fall big fall goals. To whit, this year Keira D’Amato and Ben Flanagan laid down performances that bode well for their fall campaigns. Eager to capture the scene in Falmouth, we joined two runners for their race weekends.


Hometown Heroes

In Falmouth, we followed Mick Iacofano and Dana Giordano for their weekend races. For Mick, it was his first visit to the Cape, a chance to see where his fitness lies as he builds to the New York Marathon. For Dana, who has transitioned away from pro-running and moved from Boston to San Francisco, it was a homecoming. Still, with grueling temperatures in the 90s, the race proved challenging, whether you were an old pro at the course or not.

Hot as Heck

If the runners in Falmouth were looking to test themselves on the course, soaring temperatures and relentless sunshine added yet another challenge. Seven miles might not seem that far, but when it's seven miles on sizzling pavement with nary a sea breeze to be felt, it's plenty far enough. Racers finished soaked and ready for a beer or a swim.

Better Days Ahead

These closing days of summer have a sense of melancholy and opportunity. Sure, we'll miss the relaxed pace and sunshine, but we're eager to return to our routine and cooler days that promise faster times. Are you ready?

“Time will tell,” said Dana about her plans for the fall. “I am aiming for some redemption on the roads and might find a race sooner than later to shake the cobwebs off.”

“It was certainly far from what I was expecting or planning to happen this weekend, but I’m recovering already and starting to feel better,” said Mick. “The plan is still to get into my marathon block of training in preparation for the NYC Marathon. While my stay felt like it was cut short and didn't get to experience much of the town after the race, I am looking forward to coming back and trying this race again.”