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Last Interval

Inspired by the tone and style of the iconic 1965 sports film Tokyo Olympiad by Kon Ichikawa, our latest film series celebrates the grit and grace of track and field. Directed by Emily Maye with words and narration by Malcolm Gladwell, the series features members of our Amateur Support Program running the final rep of their pre-race workout at Boston's Franklin Park. Watch the films now and keep an eye out for more on NBC during the Trials.


In hopes of capturing the unique competitive camaraderie found on the track, we tasked eleven athletes with running a hard Saturday workout at White Stadium in Boston's Franklin Park. Luca Chatham, Mitchell Black, Myles Marshall, Daniel Winn and George Espino ran 10 x 400 at 60 seconds or faster. Caroline Austin, Rolanda Bell, Kenyetta Iyevbele, Ashtin Mahler, Hiruni Wijayaratne and Meredith Rizzo ran 8 x 200 at 30 seconds or faster. They pushed each other to the final rep but found the fun in the work too.


The Prequel

Before the last repeat


The Aftermath

When the work is done


Caroline Austin
Rolanda Bell
Kenyetta Iyevbele
Ashtin Mahler
Hiruni Wijayaratne
Meredith Rizzo

Athletes Continued:
Mitchell Black
Luca Chatham
George Espino
Myles Marshall
Daniel Winn
Coach: Dena Evans

Director: Emily Maye
Director of Photography: Dustin Miller
Producer: David Burden, Farm League
Editor: Ian McGee
Color: Kath Raisch
Mixer: Tim West
Music: Will Patterson
Words & Voice-Over: Malcolm Gladwell

Tracksmith Hirez 40

at the Trials

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