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Alone, Together

The Speed Project is an unforgettable and unforgiving 340-mile journey from LA to Las Vegas, usually contested as a relay race with six team members. This March, 2:19 marathoner and former Tracksmith accountant Jason Ayr attempted to run it on his own. No stranger to high mileage or late nights and armed with an obsessively plotted excel pace sheet, Jason set out to understand his capacity for distance. Together with his support crew, including his partner and fellow marathoner, Sam Roecker, it was an adventure across the desert and into the unknown. As the challenge unfolded over several days, it became evident that the journey is always more rewarding when shared .

This short film is directed by the team at Thereabouts with an original score by Saunder Juriaans and Dani Bensi, best-known for their work on the scores of TV shows including Ozark and The Staircase as well as films like Martha Marcy, May, Marlene, The Enemy and The Devil all the Time.