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Olmsted Pack

A weather resistant backpack crafted for the runner on the go.

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15 reviews


The prompt for the Olmsted Pack was simple: solve for the needs of the runner on the go. Whether you’re dashing to the office on foot, taking the subway to track practice, or flying across the country for race day, a regular bag just doesn’t cut it. Soggy clothes, muddy shoes and water bottles–the staples of everyday runners–don’t mix well with a laptop or a dry change of clothes. We meticulously anticipated the needs of how runners get from one place to another and what they bring with them, while making it look good when paired with our Twilight Split Shorts on the sidewalk or our Rapid Transit Joggers in the airport lounge.

Fabric & Specs
100% Recycled Polyester
Approximately 18L total carrying capacity
Exterior Dimensions: 18"H x 10"W x 6"D
Stowaway Compartment Dimensions: 14"H x 10"W x 6"D
Laptop/Hydration Sleeve Interior Dimensions: 12"H x 10"W x 1.25"D

Wipe with Damp Cloth

Leave Nothing Behind

With a total carrying capacity of 18L, the Olmsted Pack boasts a 12L hidden stowaway compartment for shoes and dirty clothes, a hydration-ready internal sleeve that can fit up to a 16-inch laptop, five additional internal pockets for organization, and 2 mesh exterior pockets for water bottles.

Ready for Anything

With a water-resistant main body fabric and liner, the Olmsted is ready to brave the elements.

It's in the Details

Removable and adjustable waist and chest straps make sure this backpack stays in place when in use, while the padded sash on the back doubles as a luggage sleeve to help it stay put during an airport dash.

Pack & Run

A running pack needs to be comfortable, cavernous and weather-resistant, ready to adapt to miles of commuting in any conditions or circumstance. With an array of pockets to fit shoes, water bottles and up to a 16-inch laptop, the Olmsted Pack has a place for everything you need while on the move, whether you are commuting to work or rushing through the airport. It also comes with adjustable waist and chest straps and a luggage sleeve to make carrying it easy in every situation.

Namesake Design

The Olmsted takes its inspiration from the designer of some of our favorite places to run. It’s a name we see emblazoned on our morning commute through Boston’s Franklin Park, Emerald Necklace and Arnold Arboretum, and on familiar workout routes through Central Park and Prospect Park. If you’re a runner in the United States, chances are you’ve logged miles in an Olmsted creation. Frederick Law Olmsted’s landscape architecture throughout the country is hallmarked by design principles rooted in utility and simplicity, which is why this understated do-it-all backpack shares its namesake.

Rapid Transit

For runners with big goals or those inspired to explore, traveling to races can unlock speed and heighten our connection to our sport. Inspired by runners on the go, we designed a collection of travel-ready staples crafted for comfort and sophistication in transit.

Olmsted Pack