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Trackhouse Sweatshirt - Amateur Athletics

A team-issued hoodie delivered in a reverse-weave cotton blend with an embroidered and screen printed graphic.



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Trackhouse Sweatshirt - Amateur Athletics

Chest 36.5" 38.5" 40.5" 42.5" 44.5"
Body Length 23" 23.5" 24" 24.5" 25"
Sleeve 23.75" 24.25" 24.75" 25.25" 25.75"

From our Customers

Amateur Athletics

Welcome to the team. The Trackhouse Sweatshirt is an elevated take on a team classic and for this special edition, celebrating the Year of the Amateur, we’ve taken inspiration from an old Athletics chenille patch in our Boston Trackhouse memorabilia collection. Embroidered locally with a two color direct chainstitch over an Amateur screenprint.

Embroidered locally with a two color direct chainstitch over an
Amateur screenprint.

Our Trackhouse Collection runs large to maximize comfort whether it is worn before the workout or on a day of rest. To maintain its current size, air dry it for best results, or it can be shrunk down by tumble drying it.

Featuring a luxurious reverse weave construction and ribbed side gussets, cuffs and collar to keep its shape while in motion, the Trackhouse Sweatshirt is not only easy to pull on after a run, but you’ll want to keep it on for the rest of the day.

80% Cotton
20% Polyester
410 gsm

Wash Warm Water
Do Not Bleach
Hang Dry or Tumble Dry on Low

The Year of the Amateur

From its Latin roots, the word Amateur simply means “To Love.” In running, we are all amateurs. Watch our latest film celebrating the Amateur spirit and the year of running ahead.

Wears In, Not Out

We’ve long obsessed over classic team-issued gear - that symbol of belonging handed out at the beginning of the season. Meant to last from freshman to senior year, from post-workout to class, with every accumulated stain a badge of honor. All too often these sweatshirts get lost in the post-grad shuffle, or worse, stolen at a meet or “borrowed” by a significant other.

Trackhouse Sweatshirt - Amateur Athletics