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Every year when days are darkest, marathoners pull out their calendars and circle a race date in the spring – making a commitment that they know will take time, hard work, and consistency. That’s why every winter, Tracksmith kicks off our 100 Days long run training. It’s a celebration of the commencement of a marathon build, but also a resource for runners in London and Boston to share the work, celebrate the journey, and prepare for race day. We focus on the key element of marathon training – the long run. And we do our best to bring you everything that you need to be successful while you’re putting in the work – so that you can do everything you need to do to be successful on race day.

The countdown is on. Get ready and share in the process with us this year. If you’re interested in sharing your marathon journey with us by joining us for some runs and activities, you can sign-up to stay up to date on all things Boston and London in 2024.

Ready to Race

As we embark on the journey toward the Spring Majors, we invite you to train with us along the way to ensure that you’re part of the pack come race day. Join us in Boston and London for a full 100 Days marathon build-up with guided weekly runs designed to get you ready for race day. No matter your goals for race day, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for details so you don’t miss out.


Run Features

  • A Runner’s Passport for all 100 Days participants. 
  • Route options building up in distance towards race day, including routes on the marathon course
  • Pacing groups ranging from 6:30-12:00 min/mile; 4:00-7:25 min/km pace
  • Coaches on hand to answer any training-related questions
  • Elevated runs to include talks, unique routes, and insider tips to enhance your training experience
  • Coffee & bananas
  • Water and fuel on each route

Training for Boston epitomizes commitment. It takes grit and resolve to face winter in the Northeast. Join us at the Boston Trackhouse for our 100 Days countdown, filled with training targeted at preparing runners for Marathon Monday. Our experienced community team, who know the course like the back of their hand, will craft sessions to build speed and strength for the famed Newton Hills. We’ll train on the marathon course as well as provide support along the way. Whether it’s your first Boston or your 20th, we’re excited to help get you ready for race day.


Marathon training in London blooms like spring as the city begins to fill with eager runners anticipating race day in April. Join us at the London Trackhouse for our 100 Days countdown, filled with training targeted at preparing runners for London. Our community team and seasoned pacers, known for bringing the energy to each run, will guide you through weekly workouts focused on developing an aerobic base and race-specific quality, including some sessions on the marathon course too. We’ll be sure to make this training cycle a memorable one.