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Fleet and Free Long Sleeve

Made in a classic cotton blend inspired by team-issued gear with a limited-edition graphic that serves as tribute to Diane Leather.



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Fleet and Free Long Sleeve

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Chest 35 1/2" 37 1/2" 39 1/2" 41 1/2" 44" 46 1/2" 49"
Front Length 25" 26 1/2" 28" 29 1/2" 30 1/8" 30 3/4" 31 3/8"
Sleeve Length 25 1/4" 26 1/4" 27 1/4" 28" 28 1/2" 29" 29 1/2"

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It’s been 70 years since Diane Leather became the first woman to conquer a sub-5 minute mile, a triumph that led to decades of inspired progress in women’s distance running. In honor of the athlete’s groundbreaking finish, we’ve created a version of our classic cotton long sleeve top with graphics that honor the athlete, including the three words that Leather often sported while running: “Fleet and Free”.

88% Cotton / 12% Rayon Jersey

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Team-Issued Tradition

The Fleet and Free Long Sleeve is constructed in our original Varsity Cotton, a blend inspired by the beloved standard-issued tees that you receive with pride when you make the track team. Built to be worn season after season, the durable material can only get better with age.

Hare on the Sleeve

Our Long Sleeve is finished with a subtle hare embellishment along the cuff, a touch of Tracksmith that combines understated detail with a dose of modern panache. The timeless symbol represents our reliance on speed and opportunity as we race to the finish line.

Breaking Barriers

The limited-edition top honors Diane Leather, the first woman to race a sub-5 minute mile, featuring three words she often sported while running: “Fleet and Free”. In addition, the back of the Long Sleeve includes details that give a nod to the athlete, including her iconic time of 4:59.6.

Leather's Legacy

In the 1950s, Diane Leather burst onto the athletics scene and quickly became one of England's best middle-distance runners just months after taking up the sport. While at the time, women’s running had limited visibility and opportunities, she pushed boundaries with her speed, turning heads as she conquered records and disproved criticism of the growing female representation. Diane raced to many remarkable victories, including the feat that we honor seven decades later; a 4:59.6 finish in the mile, making her the first woman to break the 5 minute barrier.


Fleet and Free Long Sleeve