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The Gift

Words by Lionel Brodie


Some of us, faced with the fluid uncertainties of this seemingly never-ending year, sought a new challenge. Some of us wanted to better our overall fitness, incorporating cardiovascular training into a comprehensive workout plan. Some of us stuck to the ink-penned script of tempos, speed workouts and long distances. Some of us are confidently Moon-shooting, as our social distances have been shifted from physical to virtual.

Yes, running is a celebration.

‘Tis the season of longing for the sun, that same star that we spent the last few months waking up early or waiting until dark to avoid. Find joy in the daily matter of the age-old dilemma: shorts vs. pants? Let there be peace when your mind locks into the new-wave impasse: running vs. racing? Do we need gloves?

Yes, running is a gift.

Is our annual trot a fun family tradition? Calorie-clearing groundwork for preplanned meals and leftovers? The climatic end of another long season of racing? The springboard for next year’s scheduled running domination? A legitimate road war that we plan on winning, taking no prisoners, and showing no mercy?


Are we bundling up for winter race days? Adorning the latest weather battling tech as we continue to carol “no days off”? Or are we still in our club singlet and splits shorts, protected only by arm-warmers and hot coffee, proudly letting the field know who we are and what we represent?


Are we stacking our playlists with festive tunes, as we run through roads lined with decorated driveways, windows, and doorways? Are we jamming to only the sound of our feet, focusing solely on what’s in front of us…and the visible human-made clouds coming from our faces as we exhale that frosty air?


Does the last day of this year give us new resolution to do more? Less? The same? Gonna better our 5K times. Graduate from the couch program. PR in the half marathon. Race our first thirteen point fun. Run a world major. Run our first mile.


Will we be affronted if someone welcomes us with a different greeting? Celebrates something different than us? Doesn’t appreciate our gift? Doesn’t give us a gift?


Running unites us in our observations of goals and dedication to achievement. Running is the belief that if you’ve done the right things, you will be rewarded. Running is taking this culture of ours and celebrating it in our own way indifferent of how ultra these celebrations may become. Running is all of the aforementioned. And more. Running takes, for sure. But it gives. And gives. And keeps on giving.