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We’re firm believers that running is a gift in and of itself. But if you’re looking for something a little more tangible, we asked a few staff members and runners from near and far to share their holiday lists with us. 

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Megan using a foam roller

Staff Picks

Megan Kiwada


“I grabbed the new Fells as soon as it came out. It’s super soft and comfortable, like I’ve had it forever. The Merino means it’s warm, while the Heney silhouette works as well for brunch with friends as it does for a chilly run.”

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Runner's Picks

Liz Anjos

Portland, OR

“I love the Waffle Layer for everything. Running, lounging, sleeping, and as an everyday top. It’s been perfect as I’ve been hitting the trails in preparation for my first 100K and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail next summer.”

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Waffle layer

A portrait of Jonathan Hill

Staff Picks

Jonathan Hill


“There’s something about the Van Cortlandt Tee that just makes you stand out. The mesh is breathable and comfortable, but the sash makes it.”

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Runner's Picks

John Sharp


“It is no coincidence that ‘dreich’ was voted the nation’s favourite Scots word. It conveys the unique wet, cold, and gloomy weather that prevails here. The Bislett Pants were the first Tracksmith garment I ever bought and the first thing I reach for before easy winter runs. They keep you warm, they keep you dry, and they keep you looking respectable whilst enjoying post-run protein pancakes.”

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Men's Bislett pants

Men's long-sleeve Harrier top.

Runner's Picks

Mario Fraioli

Marin County, CA

“I’m a huge fan of the Harrier Long Sleeve. It’s the perfect top for cool mornings we experience throughout the year here in the Bay Area. Plus, it doesn’t smell post-10 mile run and looks great when I walk into the coffee shop afterward.”

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Staff Picks

Brenda Greene


“I love the pockets on the Allston Tights. I can stash pretty much anything in them. They are my go-tos for long runs.”

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A portrait of Brenda

Twilight Split Shorts

Runner's Picks

Carissa Galloway

Portland, OR

“The Twilight Split Shorts are my go-to for comfort. They’re a looser fit than spandex but not at all baggy, so I never chafe no matter how long of a run I take them on. They’ve even worked for me throughout pregnancy, as my body shape has changed week after week. I’m a minimalist and love when clothes offer that kind of versatility.“

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Staff Picks

Brian Hayes


“I have probably too many Grayboys. It’s the perfect tee-shirt. Just heavy enough to know it will last, but light enough to run in year round. What I call low-key luxury.”

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Runner's Picks

Kate Carter

London, UK

“If I could wave my magic wand, I would gift everyone I know with an Emil Shawl jumper. Then bend their ear about what an amazing, generous, inspiring man and runner Emil Zatopek was.”

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Women's Emil shawl

Staff Picks

Drew Hartman

Customer Experience

“I find myself reaching for the New England Overshirt more and more as the weather changes. I’ll throw it on to keep me warm during a post-run stretching and roll out session. I’ll hang it to dry and wear it to dinner that night with friends. It’s as versatile as I need it to be.”

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A portrait of Drew

Turnover Tights

Runner's Picks

Liz Northern

Fort Worth, TX

“Now that some cooler temperatures have arrived, the Turnover Tights have become my favorite go-to. They’re my favorite running tights I’ve ever had, seriously.”

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Runner's Picks

Carl Maynard

Washington, D.C.

“My favorite bottoms by far are the Session Shorts. Any time of year, they get the job done. They stay out of the way and keep up with me for every single mile. They’re great on the pavement and in the gym.”

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Session shorts


Staff Picks

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