Our primitive, caveman brains work best when we’re part of
a team. When we work towards a communal goal, our
hearts swell and we discover we can access a gear we
rarely find in solo races. That’s what makes relays so fun
– it’s not about you, it’s about the team. Individually we’re
strong, but together we’re invincible.


The best relay squads bring together a cast of strong
individuals to create an even stronger team. Like those
teams, our Relay Kits feature highly individual patterns,
some clashing, some complimentary, and binds them
together to produce a wardrobe of kits that are more than
the sum of their parts. Polka dots, hares, medals, a tartan
-style grid and the lanes, lines and numbers of a running
track collide on our new tech-mesh to create a harmonious,
if off-beat, collection.

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