Workouts can wait. When the sun’s shining and the mercury
is heading towards triple digits, tear up your training plan
and take your legs on an adventure. Call on your crew and
head towards that swimming hole in the woods, or aim for
the beach, driven by the ambition of cannonballing some
clear, cool water at the midway point. This is what summer
is all about – coach will understand. Make a splash: run,
cannonball, run.



The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run shorts for men and
women are swim-friendly running shorts, designed to get
you to the water’s edge with speed, comfort and style while
performing like a swimming short when you hit the water.


The Cannonball is more of an artform than it is a diving
technique. The finest practitioners of the form are able to 
contort their bodies in such a way as to create a tsunami
when they make contact with the water. Some say it’s
reckless, we call it joie de vivre – there’s no better way to
celebrate summer running than plunging off a cliff into
crystal clear, ice cold water.

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