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100 Days Training Log

A perfect bound log for tracking the build up to a goal race.

100 Days Training Log
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Make It Permanent

It’s one thing to have a goal in mind. It’s a different thing entirely to write it down. We’re celebrating the significance of these more permanent goals with our 100 Days Training Log, designed to help you track workouts and record thoughts in the countdown to race day.

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Analog Days

The inspiration for the log came from John J. Kelley’s 1957 Boston Marathon training diary. John kept one of the most detailed and interesting logs we’ve seen, and his system for tracking mileage was beautifully organized within the narrow confines of the diary’s leather cover and ruled pages. We sought to replicate the simplicity of this classic log and to preserve some of the thoughtful details that were emblematic of Kelly’s analog era. The navy perfect bound log is embossed with Eliot the hare and held closed by our signature red and white “backstretch” elastic. Gold tipped pages painted by hand count down the 100 days. Produced in collaboration with MishMash in Portugal.

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100 Days Out

Goals are nebulous things. Some we hold in our hearts for years, letting them sit in the “someday,” the “maybe when,” the “if only.” Others are sharper, we grasp them more tightly and feel them more keenly. This 100 Day Training Log is for those sharp goals. The ones we write down and plan our lives around. Maybe they’re the ones we share. One hundred days is when these goals become tangible, when they take shape in our guts. Use this log to track your program and record your thoughts. May its permanence be a daily reminder: you’re one day closer to etching that goal in stone.

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