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Freya Hoodie

Size Guide


Chest 33.5"
Body Length 21.5"
Sleeve Length 28.5"


Chest 36"
Body Length 22.5"
Sleeve Length 29"


Chest 38.5"
Body Length 23.5"
Sleeve Length 29.5"


Chest 41"
Body Length 24.25"
Sleeve Length 30"

All measurements are garment sizing


The Freya Hoodie is an ultra-comfy zip up designed for post-run warmth and recovery. Cut from a resilient and soft Merino blend sourced from Scandinavia - it insulates, absorbs sweat and repels odor, making it the perfect pull on before an early morning session or after a frigid run.


After a damp and dreary run, we reach for our plushest post-run coverups. And for that, nothing beats Merino. The Freya Hoodie is made from a Danish blend of soft Merino wool and two synthetic fibers. This innovative textile development, combined with a high collar, oversized hood, front pockets and thumb holes, ensures coziness and warmth. Its ribbed cotton hem helps preserve its shape and prevent sagging.

Kamilah Spears is 5'6" and wears a size Extra-Small.


As New Englanders, we pride ourselves on thriving in tough winter conditions, but Scandinavians put our hardiness to shame. To survive long, cold and dark days, they’ve embraced coziness as an art form. In Denmark the name for this obsession is “hygge” and applies to the feeling of contentment born of being nestled and snug. Where better then to source a fabric for winter warmth? The Merino wicks moisture, regulates temperature and resists odor. Acrylic yarns increase durability while nylon adds structure. The looped back side delivers breathability and keeps you warm and extra-hygge. For best results: grab a friend, go for a run, then settle down by a fireplace with a foam roller.

Sam Roecker is 5'7" and wears a size Small.


In Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess associated with beauty, love, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. She rides a chariot pulled by two cats, keeps a boar by her side and possesses a cloak of falcon feathers. In other words, she’s pretty badass. Although we couldn’t get our cats to pull the chariot, we think wearing the Freya Hoodie does feel like being wrapped in falcon feathers.

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