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Grayboy Tank - Anniversary Five Pack

Size Guide


Chest 33"
Front Length 22.75"
Back Length 24.5"


Chest 34.5"
Front 23.75"
Back 25.5"


Chest 37"
Front 24.25"
Back 26"


Chest 39.75"
Front 25.25"
Back 26.5"

All measurements are garment sizing

Five For Five

The Grayboy was one of the first five products we ever made, inspired by beloved team-issued tees that had stood the test of time. Made in Massachusetts of our proprietary Varsity Cotton, the Grayboy wears in, not out. For our anniversary we revisited five of our favorite graphics for a limited-edition bundle.

Pack Of Five Limited-Edition Grayboy Tanks
Shipped In Special Grayboy Packaging

88% Cotton, 12% Rayon

The Graphics

Inspiration for our Grayboy graphics come from a myriad of sources - from classical mythology to iconic running novels to team traditions and our favorite bars. Re-issued for our anniversary, these designs celebrate what it means to be a runner.

Mileage Club

The summer mileage club is one of the oldest and most loved of high school cross country traditions. Here we give a proper treatment to the noble distance summer standard. How's your tally?



Eliot Lounge

The Eliot Lounge was a Boston institution – a runners’ bar where everybody knew your name. The bar may be gone, but our Eliot Lounge graphic is back. Inspired by the winged foot of Greek mythology, but with an update fitting of running's most iconic bar.


Pin on a number and leave your civilized self behind: racing is a street fight and you are a fighter. This illustration is a tribute to the uncompromising competitiveness and awe- inspiring intensity we witnessed all summer long across the track & field.




Where Track and Field is symbolized by Hermes’ winged foot, Cross Country is tied to Artemis’ arrow. We love this classic iconography as a symbol of the hunt, from which the first cross country races were born. Fall is upon us, harriers.


We first debuted this Tracksmith road runners crest in 2015. Drawing from heraldic traditions, it features symbols of our brand mission and New England's running heritage.



Our Grayboys use a special, hard-wearing cotton blend that we developed with Draper Knitting (founded 1867), based on samples of team-issue tees we collected from Georgetown, UCONN and Yale. Made in Massachusetts and crafted to last a lifetime, like the best denim these t-shirts get better with age. We only wish the same was true of our own performance.

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