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Grayboy - Art of the Road Race

Size Guide


Chest 38.75"
Body Length 26.25"
Sleeve 8"


Chest 40.75"
Body Length 27"
Sleeve 8.25"


Chest 42.5"
Body Length 28.5"
Sleeve 8.5"


Chest 45.5"
Body Length 30"
Sleeve 9"

All measurements are garment sizing

Earn It With Sweat

The nickname “Grayboy” was given to the standard-issue tee-shirts handed out to the Georgetown track team. The shirt was a badge of honor. To get one, you either had to make the team, or become very close friends with someone who had. 
Made in Massachusetts from our bespoke Varsity Cotton, the Grayboy is our take on the team-issued training tee. The Art of the Road Race Grayboy collection pays homage to seven iconic American races and their most memorable moments. 

Wears In. Not Out. 

When it comes to training tees, they very literally don’t make them like they used to. So we did it for ourselves. Developed and manufactured in Massachusetts, our proprietary Varsity Cotton blend is  88% cotton, 12% Rayon, 100% not pre-anything’d. Built to be soaked with sweat, worn and washed for a lifetime or more.


The Grayboy is made entirely in our home state. The fabric is knit, the shirts sewn and the graphics printed within an hour’s drive of our Boston headquarters. 

Real Runners Sweat in Cotton

We’ve got nothing against more technical fabrics, but for light training runs, we find most runners prefer the simplicity of cotton. It’s cool, it’s breathable, it doesn’t retain odor, and it gets better with every mile.

Besides, nobody falls in love with polyester.


For good or bad, some races are stamped on your memory. Celebrate a PR or record the struggle at Carlsbad, Cherry Blossom, Bay To Breakers, BolderBoulder, Peachtree or Falmouth with our commemorative posters. Submit your time and we’ll, verify stamp and ship.


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