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Van Cortlandt Tee

A statement-making short-sleeve crafted in our lightweight 2:09 Mesh



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Van Cortlandt Tee

Chest 36.5" 38.5" 40.5" 43" 45.5" 48"
Front Length 25.75" 26" 27" 27.5" 28.25" 28.75"
Back Length 26.75" 27" 28" 28.5" 29.25" 29.75"
Sleeve 7.75" 8.25" 8.75" 9.25" 9.75" 10.25"

To A Tee

Made from our luxurious and lightweight 2:09 Mesh, this tech tee is the antidote to any one of the cheap race tops you’ve collected over the years. Soft and breathable with an anti-microbial finish, the Van Cortlandt Tee is a perfect layer for race day warm-ups or harder training in warm weather. 

Finally. A tech tee you can treasure.

Ruben (blue) is 6' and wearing a size Medium

2:09 Mesh

When “Boston Billy” Rodgers won the Boston Marathon in 1975, setting his first American record at 2:09:55, he famously did so in a mesh tee he found in the trash. Inspired by his legendary performance, we scoured the earth for the very finest performance mesh. Astonishingly lightweight and antimicrobial with a luxurious feel, you won’t find anything like our 2:09 Mesh in a dumpster.

Tracksmith Rio Home 24825
Tracksmith Rio Home 24338
Tracksmith Rio Home 11370
Cornell Vc

The Sash

The Tracksmith sash is inspired by the Cornell Track and Field teams of the late 1800s. Athletes who scored points at the league championships earned a satin sash, sewn over the “C” on their singlet. It’s a symbol of excellence that we hope will inspire runners to perform at a level worthy of all those who’ve worn it before.

Tracksmith Rio Home 24698

The Last Layer

Runners have their own race day rituals and superstitions. But one thing we all have in common is a last layer: that top worn over your race kit and only removed in the final seconds before you toe the line. This tee is built for speed and lucky by design.  

Ts Flagstaff Spring 07255
Myles is 5' 11" and wears a size Medium.
Ts Flagstaff Spring 06971
Ts Flagstaff Spring 07509

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