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Post-Run Robe

Size Guide

Body length - 40.5" Chest - 48" Sleeve length - 15.25" (One size only)

All measurements are garment sizing


The Post-Run Robe is our experiment in solving some of the post-race and post-long run problems that plague cold-weather runners. When you’re cold,wet and exhausted, your priority is changing into something comfortable. A robe is the obvious solution - but typical front-tie versions make stretching or foam rolling less an act of recovery and more a potential act of indecent exposure. We crafted the Post-Run Robe as a pullover for easy (and modest) transitions in a technical merino that will keep you warm while controlling moisture and odor.


Runners are different. We wanted to build a different kind of robe that functions for our specific needs. The Post-Run Robe is designed for comfort and quick changes with a wide shawl neck collar for pulling on, a waist tie for fit, front pockets to store your phone or keep your hands warm, and enough length to stretch in. Scandinvian-sourced merino delivers ample comfort, while its looped back absorbs moisture and fights odor. No more shivering and hiding behind towels strung between car doors.


As New Englanders we pride ourselves on thriving in tough winter conditions, but Scandinavians put our hardiness to shame. In order to survive long, cold and dark days, they’ve embraced cosiness as an art form. In Denmark the name for this obession is “hygge” and applies to the feeling of contentment born of being nestled and cozy. Where better then to source a fabric for winter warmth than Denmark? For best results: go for a run, don your robe, grab the foam roller and find a fireplace.


We’re runners first and foremost, but that doesn’t stop us from embracing other sports during downtime. New England isn’t known as a surfing mecca, but it is home to some of the best cold-water breaks. Between Cape Cod and the New Hampshire coast, Tracksmith employees enjoy getting out on the water throughout the year. The Atlantic’s always-chilly temperature means we rely on surf changing robes after a session. These pullovers let you take off your wetsuit without exposing your body to chilly air or prying eyes. After a few too many soaking wet cross country races, we realized that a changing robe might be the answer to a common post-race problem.

The Long and Short of It

Body length - 40.5"
Chest - 48"
Sleeve length - 15.25"

(One size only)

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