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Session After Session

Come for a post-work run at Tracksmith and afterwards you’ll find us sitting on the roof deck sipping a beer (or two). It’s our favorite reward for a hard session and something we’ve obsessed over for a while. So we worked with our friends at Mystic Brewery to craft our own beer. The Session Saison is a triple dry hopped ale only available at the Trackhouse and Tracksmith events. Can't make it out? To complement the launch, we're introducing a new glass for the beverage of your choice.

Earned With Sweat

Like many runners we know, the Tracksmith team are connoisseurs of the post-run beer. Whether imbibed in the shower or on the roof deck after a hard workout, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a well-earned brew. We tend to look for ones that combine flavor and drinkability with reasonable alcohol content–in our experience a solid workout makes everyone a lightweight. With years of rigorous taste-testing under out belts, we were inspired to make the post-run beer of our endorphin-addled dreams. And together with the innovative team at Chelsea-based Mystic Brewery, we crafted the Session Saison, a dry-hopped ale that’s a reward for putting in the hard work.

Brewed In Boston

In deciding to make a beer, we knew we’d need to partner with a like-minded local brewery. Renowned for its “retro-innovative” approach to beer making, Mystic shares our commitment to using the best ingredients possible as well as our New England roots and ethos. Together, we dreamed up a beer that would combine the best of a Session IPA with the robust flavors of a Saison ale.

The Session Saison is finished with three hops: Perle, a dry hop selected for its refreshing floral aroma and traditional German-like qualities and Santiam, an American dry hop that’s soft and herbal with notes of black pepper and spice. The third hop is Huell Melon, a mild yet fruity hop used in the whirlpool to deliver notes of honeymoon melon and strawberry often found in belgian ales. The three hops give the Session Saison its distinct combination of floral and spices.

Boston’s Best

Boston’s best beer is brewed in an unassuming warehouse in Chelsea, not far from the Mystic River. Though that’s not where the brewery gets its name. In 2009 fermentation scientist Bryan Greenhagen founded the brewery, which he named after the Feng Shui symbol of infinity: the mystic knot. Mystic cut its teeth brewing difficult and traditional styles like saison, gruit, and wild ale, and by employing retro-innovative techniques like square fermenters and native fermentation cultures. Venturing around New England to collect native yeast is a rigorous requirement of Mystic’s R&D process. Like Tracksmith, while Mystic today has diversified the portfolio of styles, nods to heritage and tradition are a recurring theme for the brewery. In 2013 Mystic was the first brewery to win a Great American Beer Festival gold medal using an American indigenous yeast strain and in 2015 Bryan won Rising Star Award. Boston Magazine recently named Mystic the 2018 Best Brewery in Boston.

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