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Track & Field Hat


Together with Ciele, we developed a limited-edition baseball cap to complement our Track and Field Collection.

Track & Field Hat
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A Joint Adventure

We love working with the team at Ciele to craft stylish, performance-driven hats that will look good on or off the track. Together, we developed a limited-edition baseball cap to complement our Track and Field Collection. Made from a navy seersucker version of Ciele’s wicking and UPF protective COOLwick™ fabric, it features Eliot the Hare in red, white or blue.

Sky's The Limit

Based in Montreal, Ciele Athletics have been building premium performance headwear for runners since 2014. With its high quality construction and thoughtful details, Ciele’s GOCap has fast become an athlete favorite across disciplines.

All Hail
Track & Field

Track & Field is wonderful in its simplicity. Higher, faster, stronger. Pick your lane and test your mettle. The result is a colorful hodge-podge of talents and personalities: mighty throwers, fleet sprinters, high-flying jumpers and plucky distance runners sharing one arena and one goal. Victory. Inspired by eighties sports memorabilia, this collection celebrates the all-comers' spirit of track and field.

Track is Back

The story behind this one-of-a-kind collection is simple: when scouring eBay late at night for Track and Field ephemera, our founder uncovered a 1980s seersucker fabric with graphics of athletes hurdling, jumping and throwing. Inspired by the theme of the graphics, we knew we wanted to make something surprising and fun to celebrate the spirit of Track and Field. We worked with illustrator Jindrich Janicek to refine the graphics and brought them to life in co-ed pieces that celebrate and are informed by the lifestyle of modern athletes.

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