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Croquet Stripe Singlet

Size Guide


Chest 32"
Front Length 24"
Back Length 24.5"


Chest 34"
Front Length 24.5"
Back Length 25"


Chest 36"
Front Length 25"
Back Length 25.5"


Chest 38"
Front Length 25.75"
Back Length 26.25"

All measurements are garment sizing

Tracksmith x Rowing Blazers

Inspired by a shared aesthetic heritage and passion for quality workmanship, we collaborated with Rowing Blazers on a limited-edition collection available online and in-store at our pop-up in NYC. Cut from our lightweight Bravio Blend mesh, this racing singlet features our signature sash in Rowing Blazers’ colorful croquet stripe. Adopted from the stripes on a vintage Jaques croquet wicket to reflect the intentionally loud style of classic blazers, the stripes carry over to the back yoke. Each singlet is finished with four gold pins for race day.

Race singlet cut from our Italian Bravio Blend fabric

Former UVA rower Keziah Beal is 6'3" and wears a size Medium.

A Shared Heritage

Like Tracksmith, Rowing Blazers was founded by a former-athlete obsessed with the legacy and style of sport. Where Rowing Blazers draws inspiration from the oarsmen of the nineteenth century who first wore sports coats as a symbol of crew affiliation and pride, we look to the track and field teams of this era who donned a sash on their singlet as a symbol of the competitive spirit.

Irreverent Style

Known for its “irreverent and cryptic” menswear, Rowing Blazers was founded by a former rower and Oxford PhD, Jack Carlson. Trackmsith founder Matt Taylor and Jack connected over a shared appreciation for the history of athletic wear. Time spent at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse in New York helped yield the collection. The result is a synthesis of the brands’ most iconic shapes and styles: the singlet and rugby, delivered in bold stripes and premium fabrications.

Great Court Run

No film quite captures the style and lore of running better than "Chariots Of Fire". So when we found an old video of Seb Coe and Steve Cram recreating the iconic Trinity Great Court Run in a singlet and rugby, we knew exactly how we needed to shoot the collaboration with Rowing Blazers: with a wink-and-a-nod to this iconic moment and some modern flare.

Courtyard Games

Like many U.S. colleges, Fordham University in the Bronx owes a strong architectural debt to Oxford and Cambridge. Just a quick train ride away from Soho, a team of Rowing Blazers and Tracksmith athletes assembled on a fall afternoon for some courtyard shenanigans of their own. Former rower Austin Heye and our own James Leakos faced off in a test of power versus speed, officiated by Deyvon Raymond and NCAA champion rower, Keziah Beal. James eked out a victory, but Austin is gunning for a re-match.

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