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NDO Pants

Size Guide


Waist: 25.5"
Hip: 30"
Inseam: 28"


Waist: 27.5"
Hip: 32"
Inseam: 28.5"


Waist: 29.5"
Hip: 34"
Inseam: 29"


Waist: 31.5"
Hip: 36"
Inseam: 29.5"

All measurements are garment sizing

Weather The Storm

When it comes to cold-weather running pants, it often feels like we have to compromise. Pick one: warmth or weight. The result is we spend winter somewhere between freezing and trudging. Our solution? Combine a full-stretch polyester blend with the natural properties of Merino wool to amplify insulation, dry time and odor-resistance, without weighing you down.

Two Side Pockets
Internal Zippered Side Pocket
Zippered Ankles

84% Polyester / 8% Merino Wool / 8% Elastane

Wash On Warm
Delicate Cycle with Like Colors
Tumble Dry Low

Sam is 5’7” and wears a size small.

For The Cold

The secret to a great winter pant is counterintuitive. Most people's instinct is to double down on weight. But relying on a heavier knit misses the mark. The key to keeping warm in the winter is a fabric that creates loft, trapping the body’s heat before it’s released. To truly ensure protection from the elements, a running pant needs to combine heft with loft, perform when wet from snow or sweat, insulate, breathe and dry quickly.

The NDO Pant utilizes a mix of natural and synthetic fibers for enhanced warmth without compromising freedom of movement. The result is a running pant that refuses to compromise: yes it’s heavier, but it’s also warmer and more breathable.

Cuffing Season

Running on snow or through messy streets often means suffering the indignity of getting slush splashed up your legs. We added ribbed ankle cuffs, which hold the pant closer to the body and help keep the wet out.

Hip To Zip

Winter running often requires a few more supplies. Keep those keys, credit card, subway pass or chapstick stowed in a zippered side pocket.

On And Off

There’s nothing worse than trying to unzip wet pants after a cold-run. The NDO Pants feature high ankle zips for easy on-and-off and a zipper that’s big enough for frozen fingers.

Winter Warrior

Sam hates the cold. So she loved the NDO Pants' extra-warmth for her morning run in 18-degree weather. Post-run, they proved warm and cozy enough for her recovery routine: eating, stretching, rolling and a nap.

No Days Off

No Days Off is our annual call for consistency, moderation and patience: the full-time, year-round commitment to the process. This is not a race towards injury, but a recognition that little and often beats grand acts of ruinous excess. Every purchase in January comes with a free 2020 NDO Calendar to track your progress in the year ahead.

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