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A Spring Classic

The first product designed at Tracksmith was the Van Cortlandt Singlet, a true classic now available in new colors for Spring. The mesh singlet has been a race day staple for decades and has had a permanent place in our wardrobe from the first mile on. Built for making statements, our Van Cortlandt Collection features classic silhouettes and an astonishingly lightweight performance mesh with an iconic design element inspired by the pursuit of excellence.


A Decade in

Nearly a decade ago, we captured Taylor Gilland completing a 20x400m workout in one of our earliest photoshoots, where he set a high bar for himself. With this effort, he underscored our commitment to championing the amateur spirit—a testament to the passion and dedication required to pursue running ambitions. Exemplifying this spirit, Taylor returned to the track, this time at Kezar Stadium in the Bay Area close to his Marin home, to tackle the same arduous workout.

Home Turf

Echoing this dedication, Claire Green finds solace and strength in the simplicity and challenge of mile reps, a fundamental workout marking her return to track season. For Claire, Kezar Stadium is more than a venue; it’s where she coaches her University of San Francisco athletes weekly and shares the training space for her and her Peninsula Distance Club teammates. Her deep connection with the track makes her workouts on it one of familiarity and reassurance.

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Van Cortlandt

Our original collection is a testament to our belief that race day is sacred. It’s a Tracksmith signature with aspirational underpinnings. Represent it accordingly.

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