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The Boston Marathon is our favorite weekend of the year for good reason. And this year it was made extra special as we opened the Trackhouse just off the course. From our opening evening dinner with Olympian-turned-sushi-chef Michael Stember, to our Morning Shakeout with Mario Fraioli, Eliot Lounge Reunion, Club Night festivities and of course, the race itself, it was a weekend to remember and the perfect way to christen our new home. Here, we chronicle the weekend in photographs. 

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The Trackhouse is designed to be running nerd heaven, complete with library, Konami Track & Field Game and our Eliot Lounge.
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Olympian Michael Stember kicks off the 'underground' sushi dinner in the Eliot Lounge.

Rosa races the B.A.A. 5k, finishing 14th in 16:21.
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Mario Fraioli joined us for a Morning Shakeout on the Charles River.
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The Eliot Lounge Reunion brought together many of the original stalwarts, including Greg Meyer, Steve Jones, Patti Dillon and Bob Hodge. Pictured here (L-R) are Geoff Smith, Tommy Leonard, Uta Pippig, Coach Bill Squires and Jack Fultz.
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Club Night brought together runners from around the world, and featured our first ever 4xBlock relay.
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Eric runs a 2:23.24 marathon en route to a 25th place finish and a men's team win for the B.A.A.
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Boston brings out the best in us. We loved spotting this moment of sportsmanship on the course.

Don't wait to visit us until next year. The Trackhouse is now open every day at 285 Newbury Street.