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How a University of Colorado Hall of Fame runner found himself through recording his dreams.

Interview and film by Brendan Davis 
Illustrations by Ping Zhu 

Michael Sandrock is a journalist with the Boulder Daily Camera in Colorado as well as a University of Colorado Hall of Fame runner

“I have run almost, almost every day since 1973,” he says, way back when he was a walk-on for the CU team. He didn’t let up after college either, running with Rob de Castella and Steve Jones in Boulder. “I was good enough to win some local races and get some trips,” he says. “I was always just interested in traveling.”

He’s still running today, and although his best times are behind him (14:48 5k, 30:23 10k, 2:24 marathon), he has no intention of quitting. 

Sandrock’s writing extends far beyond his weekly running column for the newspaper, or the work he does as a tutor in the University of Colorado. Much of it is deeply personal, recording and reflecting upon his dreams, and contemplating the rich relationship between a body and mind in motion. That is becoming his life’s work, and where he finds wisdom. What follows are his own thoughts in his own words. Dive in, explore, dream.

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