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No Days Off 2021

No Days Off is a celebration of the runner’s mindset. A call for consistency rather than a race towards injury. During the harshest Winter months our commitment to get out the door can be put to the test. But with the proper clothes and the right mindset, there’s a special, almost magical reward you get from running in the cold, through snow, rain, blizzards or blustering winds. As if that work amounts to more… fitness, speed, enlightenment.

Poem by Andy Waterman and narration by Dr. Julia Chase-Brand, the first woman to race and win the Manchester Road Race in 1961.

For the maintenance
of movement

As molecules cool
they slow
grow weary
and stop

Chaos comes to a standstill
Senses cease to sense.
Winter becomes an absence
Of light 

And yet, 
the world still turns,
silently cells hum. 
Nature abhors a vacuum.

And you runners, 
you are the only light 
                the only sound
                          the only life
       for miles around.

Editing, Sound Design and Color by @thewolpertinger
DPs: @tyhaft and @the.wolpertinger
Original Music by @ashertuil