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For runners with big goals or those inspired to explore, traveling to races can unlock speed and heighten our connection to the sport. Inspired by runners on the go, we designed a collection of travel-ready staples crafted for comfort and sophistication in transit. In Berlin this year, these pieces were ideal for traveling around marathon weekend, with its subtle functionality covering every aspect from shakeout to bib pickup, with a carbo-loading session in between. Whether it's race day or every day, we've built a collection that serves the running lifestyle.

Isabela is 5' 7" and wearing a Small in the Downeaster Crew and Pants.

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to Berlin

The German capital is the epitome of European modernity and a top city for public transportation. With a world-class network of trains, trams, and buses available around the clock, it’s easy to get around, whether to and from the track for a workout, hopping back from the post-long run brunch, or making it to the start line in the Tiergarten with plenty of time to find your corral on race day. And what a race that is. The Berlin Marathon, much like the city, is the epitome of long-distance racing and the recurrent setting of multiple World Records for the distance.

The day before the race, our feet and excitement can take us many places, presenting the perfect opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds a city like Berlin has to offer. Whether fresh off a training block with big goals heading straight from the shakeout to the historic Tempelhof Airport for bib pickup, or simply inspired to take in the sights and sounds of a place unfamiliar, the city is full of endless possibilities. With an abundance of history at the turn of every corner, it welcomes exploration and the curiosity of those looking to test their limits on the biggest stage of all.

Isabela is 5' 7" and wearing small tops and XS bottoms.

Open the

If you're looking for a stamp to add to your racing passport, look no further than the Berlin Marathon. Much like the city’s transportation system, known for the reliability of its swift course, smooth roads with minimal elevation gain, and consistently near-perfect weather on race day, Berlin is the exemplar in producing fast times. In fact, the World Record in the Marathon is under threat here almost every single year. Any runner looking to capitalize on a year of hard work and reap the benefits of consistent training should, at some point, have Berlin in their sights and experience the feeling of going under the iconic Brandenburg gates with the finish line in view, and maybe a fresh PR waiting on the other side.

Marquis is 5' 11" and wearing Medium

Rapid Transit

Embark on your own journey and experience new places. With a collection of movement-ready staples, you'll be ready to tackle any new adventure. Providing an effortless blend of comfort and sophistication to help keep you on the go and, most importantly, help you keep exploring.