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Due to the rapidly developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to suspend our run clubs and events indefinitely and until the situation begins to improve–effective immediately. The health and safety of the Boston community is our top priority.

Over the past three years, we've worked very hard to cultivate a lively and welcoming environment for all Boston area runners. This was a very difficult decision as we’re in the midst of the most exciting time of year for running in Boston. We hope that you’ll join us in being proactive with the situation so that we can resume our run clubs as soon as possible.

With all of that in mind, we are dedicated to providing you with continued guidance and support in your running during this time. We plan to continue sending our weekly newsletter which will have well thought out and descriptive workouts for you to do on your own. We will include links to long run maps so that you can continue following along with our long run programming. These workouts and long runs will be shared to Facebook and Strava as well. Following your long run each week, we invite you to continue to swing by the Trackhouse each week for passport stamping.

We also know that taking common sense precautions doesn’t have to mean training in isolation, and so we’ve created a Slack Group called Tracksmith Run Club that is free and open to all members of the Boston running community to join. Our hope is that this will be a useful communication resource for people and a way to sync up with others in the community for workouts, easy runs, and long runs away from the Trackhouse. You can join that Slack group here. Please feel free to share it with other runners in the community.

Until then, see you on the Charles,

Lou Serafini & the Tracksmith Team