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The Great Donut Run

Picking a route for a run is a personal affair. There are those who swear by certain routes, sticking to habits that speak to our bodies. There are those who prefer to wander, using mileage as exploration. For others, a route is combined with convenience - a commute or the long way to run to the grocery store. And sometimes we’re driven by the reward at the end of the run, planning a route to end in a place where we can immediately recoup our efforts.

In honor of National Donut Day, we asked a few members of our Hare A.C. community for their preferred donut destination in their city and mapped a route to get there.

Austin, Texas
via Joshua Green

The Donuts: Gourdough's Big. Fat. Donuts 1503 S 1st St., Austin, TX 78704

“Gourdough’s is so much more than a donut. Too much. But people love them. The trailer on 1st would be a good spot to wrap up a run…” 

The Route

Boston, Massachusetts
via Emma Spencer

The Donuts: Red Apple Farm, Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02109

“Red Apple Farm in the Boston Public Market has excellent cider doughnuts! There's also a great bagel place in the market called Levend Bagelry which obviously has bagels, not donuts, but what is a bagel but a savory donut, really?’

The Route

San Francisco, California
via Lyndsay Harper

The Donuts: Bob’s Donuts, 1621 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

“They have the BEST cake crumb donut I've ever had. They also have a challenge where if you can eat one of their giant donuts in 3 minutes you get your money back and inducted into the hall of fame. For a run, I would probably run along the Marina Green then up polk (pretty uphill—gotta earn that donut.)”

The Route 

Portland, Oregon
via Tate Schienbein

The Donuts: Delicious Donuts,  12 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

“As far as donuts go...I’ve had the chance to try about 10-12 shops in the area, still have another 20 to check out but I think I’ve tried the big hitters. Delicious Donuts have been the best in my opinion. They are a mix of traditional cake and yeast donuts, great flavor and texture (melts in your mouth). Of course I try to get donuts only in the early hours of the morning to ensure the freshness! Delicious sits just on the east side of the river downtown. Always nice for a waterfront loop then being only 4 blocks away from the shop.”

The Route

Washington, DC
via Caitlin Tateishi

The Donuts: District Doughnut, 749 8th St SE, Washington DC, 20003

“I love District Doughnut (the dulce de leche creme brulee doughnut!) and they have a few locations in DC, including one in Georgetown and one in Eastern Market. Depending where you're coming from in the city you can take Rock Creek Parkway path to get to the Georgetown location and to get to the Eastern Market location you can run up the mall towards the Capitol and up Capitol Hill. “

The Route

New York, NY
via Caitlin Philips

The Donuts: Donut Plant, 379 Grand Street, NYC, NY

“This might be an obvious one but the Donut Plant pb+j or the frosted with jam remain my all time favs. The original location is on Grand between the wburg and manhattan bridges & close to the ER track so a pretty central downtown spot.”

The Route