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The Year of
the Amateur

To love. Some say it’s what makes us human. That it defines our existence. But it’s not without risk. Love teaches us about pain, heartbreak, and resilience. It encourages us to do the small things that make a big difference. Love shapes our days, weeks, months... Our years. Because the act of devotion eventually reveals a path to fulfillment we can’t find anywhere else. From its Latin roots, the word Amateur simply means “To Love.” In running, we are all amateurs.

For the Love.


Director - Emily Maye
Voiceover - Lyndsay Harper
Cinematography - Dustin Miller, Tom Wootton, Emily Maye, Chris Milliman
Edit - Kyle Valenta at Cartel
Music - Miguel Santos
Color - Kath Raisch at Company 3
Sound Design and Mix - Emett Casey

Athletes (In Order of Appearance)
Lyndsay Harper
Susan Aneno
Sam Roecker
Rafael Oliveira
Ruben Sanca
Carlos Riquelme
Jeanne Mack
Mitchell Black
Rolanda Bell
James Leakos
Ash Gilbertson
Mike Carlone
Jason Ayr
Kamilah Journet
Saskia Millard
Claire Green
Mick Iacofano