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There’s perhaps no greater test of a runner’s will than the bleak, dark depths of January and February. The seed of the idea for the No Days Off calendar came to us back in the winter of 2014: a simple visual reminder of our daily commitment to running. The name, of course, implies something a little more obsessive. And while we love to see runners who use the No Days Off Calendar to start (and sometimes extend) a running streak, the real idea behind the calendars is to help establish positive habits in service of
larger goals.

The psychology is simple: while setting big goals can be daunting, maintaining daily systems are much more effective. The NDO Calendar is a call to action: What one thing can you do every day to improve as a runner? Some days that will mean executing a hard workout and some days that might mean taking a rest day, or practicing yoga or rolling out. The act of crossing out days (perhaps as a countdown to a goal race) is cathartic and centering. We’re reminded of the larger meaning behind the grind, and comforted in knowing that no single day defines us as an athlete.

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Ruben Sanca crosses days off our first NDO Calendar from winter 2015.

One other psychological element we designed into the NDO Calendar is accountability. Habits are easier to form when you share your intentions and lean on your community for support. So this year, we invite you once more to embrace the process, to live your days with intention and to record the effort.

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