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We’re unabashedly obsessed with the benefits of Merino wool for long-distance running. This natural fiber hits all the right notes. It’s soft, wicking and dries sweat in a flash. It keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool when you start to heat up. It resists odors even after several wears without a wash. We work with several Merino wool blends across our collection, selecting different combinations based on specific performance needs. Here’s everything you need to know about Tracksmith Merino.

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When it comes to performance fabrics, Merino wool is a freak of nature. A natural, surprisingly soft fiber that stays warm even when drenched with sweat, it also resists odor without washing for longer than you can bear to imagine. Trust us, we’ve tested the limits – once tasking our employees to run in our Merino blend for weeks over a New England summer. We use Merino wool in products across the training spectrum – from breathable mid-layers for long runs, to tees and tanks for workouts.