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Running and creativity go hand in hand. The hours we spend on our feet have a way of unlocking ideas that would otherwise be out of reach. As a result, our sport is rich with stories waiting to be told—stories that have the power to both inspire the next generation and grow the sport. And yet, despite this wealth of stories and ideas, it’s hard for new voices and new creators to break out. Our goal is to provide a platform for emerging creatives in running, offering both the funds and support needed to pursue a project that will elevate the sport, drive conversation and empower new perspectives.

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The Tracksmith Fellowship is designed to support runners with creative ambitions. This year, we’ll fund projects from 3-5 creators. Whether film or photography, poetry or fiction, podcasts, music, painting or sculpture, we invite runners to submit concepts for a year-long creative grant. These ideas should be grounded in the runner’s experience, with the aim of inspiring and igniting action within the larger running community. 



Have an idea for a novel? How can the racing experience be explored in verse? We want to hear from writers looking to tell ambitious stories.



Running is a sport of both grace and grit. How does that translate to canvas? Artists are invited to submit projects that will expand how we see our sport.



We invite submissions that will explore an unheralded side of our sport, whether a person, place or event. Group submissions for video projects are welcomed.



How do running and music intersect? Musicians are invited to submit projects that will elevate the connections between sport and sound.



Running is inherently photogenic. We invite submissions that will use photography to weave a wider narrative about the sport.



Have an idea for a podcast? Want to use an emerging medium? Submissions are not limited to the areas listed above.

Fellowship submissions will be reviewed by the Tracksmith team and selected based on their originality and potential to impact our sport positively. Together, we'll work with the successful applicants to help bring the project to life over the course of a year. Tracksmith fellows will receive a one-time grant as well as mentoring and support from the Tracksmith organization and selected creative mentors. On completion of the project we’ll work together to present the work to the wider running world, whether that’s through a screening at the Trackhouse, a gallery event in your hometown, or something entirely new.

The aim of the fellowship is to unlock unexpected concepts that reflect a deep love for running, enable new and diverse voices to reach wider audiences, and offer a runway to create, so we expect to work together to find the best ways to amplify the end result of the project. 

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Submissions are invited from July 23rd through September 1 and fellowship recipients will be announced in October. 

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