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Donuts Tee

A limited-edition cotton tee with a stitched donut patch, designed to celebrate our favorite runner’s snack.



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Donuts Tee

Chest 37.5" 39.5" 41.5" 44" 46.5" 49"
Body Length 26.5" 28" 29.5" 30.125" 30.75" 31.375"
Sleeve 8" 8.75" 9.5" 9.875" 10.25" 10.625"

From our Customers

The Original Post-Run Fuel

In celebration of National Donut Day – our favorite runner's holiday – our Grayboy Tee is back with a limited-edition donut patch. The 2024 design is embellished with the lanes of a track and finished with a reference to the year that the treat was invented, 1847. Born out of passion, practicality and good taste, donuts are a democratizing force in running and worth celebrating. Our annual ode to the donut, the original post-run fuel, has been a bestseller since its inception. Like a runner out of the blocks, or donuts fresh from the fryer, these go fast.

88% Cotton / 12% Rayon Jersey

Wash Cold With Like Colors
Hang Dry

The Selvage Denim of Running

Our original cotton blend is built to withstand relentless wear and repeated sweat. Like a great pair of selvage denim jeans, it takes a lifetime to wear in, and even longer to wear out. Nothing beats the enduring simplicity of cotton.

How it Fits

We’ve designed our cotton tees with a more considered cut than the original team-issued shirts that inspired them. Still loose enough for unhindered training, but with enough form to flatter.

Donut by Design

Our annual Donuts Tee features a limited-edition graphic in honor of the original post-run fuel. This year’s design features the treat in a patch with a track- inspired trait, embroidered lanes that take the shape of the prized pastry.

Show Me the Dough

In our sport, we stretch and strain our muscles over many miles and minutes, burning through energy as we test the bounds of endurance, and after all that effort, refueling the body might come with some indulgence. Whether you’re in the mood for something jelly-filled or sugar-dipped, the beloved pastry is always a treat when you’re on the hunt for sweet sustenance. John L. Parker Jr. said it best in one of our favorite books, Once a Runner. “If the furnace is hot enough, anything will burn,” – donuts included.

Donuts Tee