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Chicago Long Sleeve

A Commemorative Chicago Men's Long Sleeve



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Chicago Long Sleeve

  S M L XL
Chest 38.5" 40.5" 43" 45.5"
Front Length 26.87" 27.5" 28.12" 28.75"
Back Length 28" 28.75" 29.37" 30"
Sleeve Length 27.37" 27.87" 28.37" 28.87"

Colors of Chicago

Our Chicago tops are cut from an ultra-lightweight, breathable and quick-drying open air mesh with sublimated details to keep things light and breezy. Featuring the colors of the Chicago flag delivered in a statement-making graphic, this is a top built for a race you’ll never forget.

Chicago 2022

The Chicago Marathon is a love-letter to the cities’ diverse neighborhood, keeping you entertained with every hairpin turn. Plus it’s flat flat. Our 2022 Collection takes design inspiration from the city’s iconic flag.