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Downeaster Hoodie

Size Guide


Chest 38.5"
Body Length 26.25"
Sleeve 24.75"


Chest 41.5"
Body Length 27"
Sleeve 25.25"


Chest 44.5"
Body Length 27.75"
Sleeve 25.75"


Chest 47.5"
Body Length 28.5"
Sleeve 26.25"

All measurements are garment sizing

Master Of Run

Certain tech titans may have made the hoodie their uniform, but Dustin Hoffman’s zip hoodie in the film “Marathon Man” remains our benchmark for the garment. We upgraded the original silhouette with a temperature-regulating and odor-resistant merino blend.

Merino wool blend regulates temperature and resists odor
Kangaroo pockets with internal pockets hold smaller items

60% Merino Wool
40% Polypropylene, 255gm/m2.
18.9 micron

Wash Warm
Delicate Cycle With Like Colors
Line Dry
Do Not Bleach, Do Not Use Softeners

All Grown Up

The zip hoodie was a staple of our collegiate wardrobe - worn for the warm-up and cool down and to and from practice. But those cotton versions lacked the je ne sais quoi, needed to carry them into adulthood. This grown up take on a hoodie is made from a 60% merino wool 40% polyproylene 18.9 micron blend that regulates temperature and wicks moisture while resisting odor. All this within a sophisticated shell that reads classy rather than “late to class.”

Merino Magnifico!

The Merino sheep is a rugged mountain-dwelling breed native to Spain but domesticated in Australia and New Zealand. The Merino thrives in temperatures and conditions too severe for the lowland breeds that live on Old MacDonald’s farm.

Key to their survival is a unique wool, which is nothing short of miraculous as a performance fabric. It’s soft against the skin – not at all itchy. It’s breathable and wicking in warmer temps, but stays warm in the cold, even drenched with sweat.

Jason is 5'8" and wears a size Small.

Marathon Man

At the Trackhouse we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many former Boston Marathon winners, all with stories to share over a beer or two. Jack Fultz shared one such tale about the impact of “Marathon Man” in the lead up to his Boston victory in 1976. 

“During the warm-up of my last workout before Boston, I met a young woman who had frequented the Georgetown track for her own runs and with whom most of the guys on the team were quite enamored. After a few hours of us getting to know each other, she introduced me to the book she’d just read titled “Marathon Man” by William Goldman. I bought a copy and read it on the train from Washington D.C. to Boston, escaping the heat which was descending on the east coast with a comfortable 8 hour train ride. I completely identified with the protagonist of the book – a grad student at Columbia who trained alone at night for some upcoming marathon (played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie version). Hoffman’s character gets caught up in a web of espionage and is tortured by a Nazi dentist. Well, the Friday night before my train ride to Boston, I inadvertently pulled the cap off my front tooth while flossing. I had some emergency dental work done early Saturday morning to have a temporary cap glued on before boarding the train. Anyway, upon completing the book, I had an epiphany of sorts, a complete sense of excited calm that destiny was at play and that I was also going to run the race of my life, just as Dustin Hoffman’s character did in the book – and movie.”

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