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Ekiden Singlet

Inspired by Japan’s ekiden, this spin on our annual Relay Kit is made from lightweight mesh with racing details.



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Ekiden Singlet

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Chest 37" 39" 41 1/2" 44"
Front 25 7/8" 26 1/2" 27 1/8" 27 3/4"
Back 26 7/8" 27 1/2" 28 1/8" 28 3/4"

From our Customers

In Praise
of the Ekiden

Every year, we introduce a Relay Collection, inspired by the style and culture of our favorite races around the world. This year, we celebrate Japan’s ekiden, long-distance relay races that captivate the nation and establish a pipeline of world-class runners, forged in the fire of these epic multi-day competitions. Paying homage to the pageantry of the Hakone Ekiden, a 218-kilometer race from Tokyo to Hakone contested by Japan’s top universities, this 2:09 Mesh singlet features the bold colors of the flags of the Tokyo Metropolis and comes with its own tasuki: the sash passed by teammates between each leg.

Collection illustrations by Tokyo artist, Hiroki Nishiyama. 

Ships With Commemorate Tasuki in Ganbatte Packing
Soft, Breathable And Moisture-Wicking 2:09 Mesh
Signature Sash
Four Gold-Safety Pins For Race Bib

82% Polyester / 18% Spandex Mesh With Antimicrobial Finish
Wash Cold
Tumble Dry Low

Relay Collection
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Edo Purple &
Vivid Green

The Ekiden are a riot of color. Every team proudly displays their affiliation and aims to stand out for the thousands of fans lining the roads, waving university flags and cheering in support. For our kits, we selected Edo purple and vivid green, emblems of the Tokyo Metropolis. Edo purple is a traditional Japanese color that became fashionable during the vibrant Edo period. The green is drawn from the symbol of Tokyo, a flag featuring three vivid green arcs in a ginko leaf-shaped T.


Each singlet comes with our rendition of the tasuki: the sash passed between runners at each exchange. The fabric sash is a symbol of the physical and spiritual connection between each runner. Soaking up sweat over each challenging leg, the team is bound together by the efforts of individuals competing together as one. We finished our tasuki with the popular cheer, “Ganbatte.” A Japanese encouragement meaning, “Do your best,” it embodies the hard work and determination needed to race an Ekiden. The tasuki ships with the Relay Singlet in limited-edition packaging, inspired by Japanese tsutsumi design.


Racing In Izumo

In recent years, a team of Ivy League athletes has traveled to Japan to try their hand at racing the Izumo Ekiden. They learn quickly just how intense the racing is and just how avid the fan-base can be. Brett Larner reported from the 2015 edition in METER.

Izumo Ekiden 4948
Izumo Ekiden 4922
Photo By Kazuyuki Sugimatsu Credit Needed
Womens Complete The Kit

The Relay

Matching shorts complete the full Ekiden Kit. Made from our 2:09 Mesh in a split short silhouette with two internal pockets, our Ekiden Shorts are built for long distances - relay, training or otherwise.

Ekiden Singlet