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Fynnsen Crewneck

Size Guide


Chest 39"
Body Length 25.75"
Sleeve Length 31"


Chest 42"
Body Length 26.5"
Sleeve Length 31.5"


Chest 45"
Body Length 27.25"
Sleeve Length 32"


Chest 48"
Body Length 28"
Sleeve Length 32.5"

All measurements are garment sizing


Crewneck sweatshirts have long been a running staple. But traditional cotton versions leave us chilly and damp once they absorb our sweat. So we’ve given the classic crewneck an innovative performance upgrade (via a Scandanavian-sourced merino blend) without sacrificing the simple design elements that make it a timeless icon.

Will Hague is 6'2" and wears a size Medium.


The Fynnsen Crewneck is made from a Danish blend of soft merino wool and synthetic fibers. This innovative textile development improves on the original sweatshirt with its insulating and quick-drying properties. The merino wicks moisture, regulates temperature and resists odor. Acrylic yarns increase durability while nylon adds structure and prevents sagging.


Carrot. Sweat Catcher. V-Stitch. There are a number of names for the “V” shaped construction on a crewneck sweatshirt. Originally designed to collect sweat around the collar and prevent the neckline from stretching when it was put on, we retained this styling in the Fynnsen Crew. Inspired by original varsity versions, we added contrasting stripes to the collar and cuffs on the black, navy and ivory editions. The ribbing in these areas and on the side panels helps the sweatshirt retain its shape and prevents sagging. Delivered in rich collegiate hues, these sweatshirts are varsity-inspired with the performance to match. 

Jason Ayr is 5'8" and wears a size Small.


As New Englanders we pride ourselves on thriving in tough winter conditions, but Scandinavians put our hardiness to shame. In order to survive long, cold and dark days, they’ve embraced cosiness as an art form. In Denmark the name for this obsession is “hygge” and applies to the feeling of contentment born of being nestled and snug. So where better to source a fabric for winter warmth? The rugged yet elegant Fynnsen Crewneck looks right at home beside the course at Franklin Park or at kaffebar in Copenhagen post-Sunday long run.

Louis Serafini is 5'7" and wears a size Small.

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