The winged donut designed by Ellis Latham-Brown speaks deeply to our runners' hearts – and bellies.
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Grayboy - Donuts

Size Guide


Chest 38.75"
Body Length 26.25"
Sleeve 8"


Chest 40.75"
Body Length 27"
Sleeve 8.25"


Chest 42.5"
Body Length 28.5"
Sleeve 8.5"


Chest 45.5"
Body Length 30"
Sleeve 9"

All measurements are garment sizing

Donut Grayboys
Are Back

We've binged on donuts after a 15-miler more than once around here. The anti-fad-diet pride in this shirt speaks deeply to our runners' hearts – and bellies. Back for a reprint after selling out in record fashion on National Donut Day (the first Friday of June) the last three years, the winged donut Grayboy never ceases to make us smile and ratchet up the pace to make more room in the furnace.

Made in USA
Varsity Cotton developed with Draper Knitting in Canton, MA
Wears In, Not Out

88% Cotton / 12% Rayon

Machine Wash Cold
Tumble Dry Low
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean

Wears In. Not Out. 

When it comes to training tees, they very literally don’t make them like they used to. So we did it for ourselves. Developed and manufactured in Massachusetts, our proprietary Varsity Cotton blend is  88% cotton, 12% Rayon, 100% not pre-anything’d. Built to be soaked with sweat, worn and washed for a lifetime or more.


The Grayboy is made entirely in our home state. The fabric is knit, the shirts sewn and the graphics printed within an hour’s drive of our Boston headquarters. 


Draper Knitting has been operating in our backyard of Canton, Massachusetts since 1856. Now into its sixth generation, this family run firm is dedicated to both the heritage of their process and the future of American manufacturing. To this day, Draper mills reverberate with the clatter of old and new machinery – traditional methods bumping comfortably alongside creative textile innovation.

We’re proud to have worked with Draper to develop the unique Varsity Cotton blend we use in our Grayboys. One touch and we think you’ll agree, they’ve woven something very special for us, and for you.

Real Runners Sweat in Cotton

We’ve got nothing against more technical fabrics, but for light training runs, we find most runners prefer the simplicity of cotton. It’s cool, it’s breathable, it doesn’t retain odor, and it gets better with every mile.

Besides, nobody falls in love with polyester.


The original, standard-issue Grayboys were rather standard in fit as well. Boxy. Practically cylindrical. And while there’s a certain charm in that construction, we’ve designed our Grayboy with a more considered cut. Still loose enough for unhindered training, but with enough form to flatter.

Ruben Sanca, pictured below, is wearing our Grayboy in medium. He's 6’ 1” and weighs 162 pounds.

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