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Twilight Long Sleeve

Size Guide


Chest 37"
Front Length 26.75"
Sleeve 26.25"


Chest 39"
Front Length 27.25"
Sleeve 26.75"


Chest 41.5"
Front Length 27.75"
Sleeve 27.25"


Chest 44"
Body Length 28.25"
Sleeve 27.75"

All measurements are garment sizing


New England spring brings a mix of feelings and sensations. The days are longer, but not yet warm. Snow lingers on the roads, but the sun shines brighter. Running in these confusing conditions requires transitional layers that provide coverage without added insulation. Made from our lightweight Bravio Blend, the Twilight Long Sleeve is ideal for long spring mileage.


The long sleeve tee is a running staple. They’re perfect for the shoulder seasons, when wearing a tee or tank isn’t enough, but anything heavier is too much. The original long sleeve running top was simply a cotton tee with full sleeves, but they heated up quickly and were too heavy for a long run. Next came synthetic fibers, which were much lighter, but felt terrible against your skin. What’s been missing is a long sleeve top that disappears while running. The Twilight Long Sleeve is just that: effortless. A top that you won’t notice, but will be noticed in.


No one does luxury performance like the Italians. So when we needed a lightweight yet durable fabric for training hard, we turned to Borgini, the masters of technical knitwear, to craft our Bravio Blend. We needed a fabric that was soft enough to wear on its own, but light enough to layer, was breathable without letting in the chill, and had high speed stretch, but didn’t snag. Ask and you shall receive. 


To test our new Twilight Long Sleeve, we asked Mike Carlone and Rafa Oliveira to put the tops through their paces during a 100-mile week of training, including mile repeats, tempo runs and grass intervals at Flerra Meadows. It proved to be a versatile and effortless training top for long, hard mileage.

Mike Carlone (right) is 6'0" and wearing a medium.

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