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Twilight Long Sleeve

A lightweight long sleeve made from a silky micro-mesh for long distance running. 



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Twilight Long Sleeve

Chest 35" 37" 39" 41.5" 44" 46.5"
Front Length 26.25" 26.75" 26.75" 27.5" 28.25" 29.25"
Sleeve 24.75" 25.25" 25.5" 26.25" 26.75" 27.25"

From our Customers

Twilight Transition

It happens all-too often: a morning run starts cool but ends on the warmer side. Running in changing conditions requires transitional layers that provide coverage without added insulation. Made from our lightweight Bravio Blend, the Twilight Long Sleeve is ideal for mileage in cooler temperatures.

Ultra-Lightweight Micro-Mesh Long Sleeve
Italian-Engineered Fabric

85% Polyester / 15% Elastane
Wash Warm With Like Colors
Delicate Cycle
Hang Dry

Malik is 5' 10" and wearing a Medium.


The long sleeve tee is a running staple. They’re perfect for the shoulder seasons, when wearing a tee or tank isn’t enough, but anything heavier is too much. The original long sleeve running top was simply a cotton tee with full sleeves, but they heated up quickly and were too heavy for a long run. Next came synthetic fibers, which were much lighter, but felt terrible against your skin. What’s been missing is a long sleeve top that disappears while running. The Twilight Long Sleeve is just that: an effortless top that you won’t even notice.

Luxe & Light

No one does luxury performance like the Italians. So when we needed a lightweight yet durable fabric for training hard, we turned to Borgini, the masters of technical knitwear, to craft our Bravio Blend. We needed a fabric that was soft enough to wear on its own, but light enough to layer, was breathable without letting in the chill, and had high speed stretch, but didn’t snag. Ask and you shall receive. 

Road Tested

The Twilight Long Sleeve has been tested over workouts everywhere from Concord, Phoenix and San Francisco, from fall to spring. It's proved to be a versatile and effortless training top for long, hard mileage.

Mike (right) is 6' and wears a size Medium.

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Twilight Long Sleeve