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Summer 2019 Issue

This summertime edition of METER  features three stories of partnerships forged and strengthened through running. There’s Kevin and Conor Dooney, brothers and amateur runners in Ireland, who’ve put their careers and personal lives on hold to decamp to a village in the South East to train together in one last no-holds-barred-effort towards 2020. There’s Esther and Cole Atkins, married marathoners in South Carolina, who navigate two very different relationships–their roles as wife and husband and as a coach and athlete. Esther will toe the line at the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta as a competitor, coach and partner to Cole. There’s Thomas Hasseler and his friend Ben, who set off on a weekend journey to run and camp their way through the Catskills–a test of their camaraderie as much as their fitness. 

These three stories are a reminder of the human connections that feed our sport. We’re more than the sum of our mileage and PRs. We’re defined as much if not more by these connections and the lessons they inspire. 

For Runners.
For The Sport.
For The Love.

Meter takes a long-form look at the hidden side of running culture and at the athletes, traditions and events that make running the greatest sport in the world. Now published as quarterly broadsheet, you can pick up Meter free at Tracksmith events or purchase issues online.


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