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Tracksmith Towel

An extra-large 34x66 inch towel for drying off post-run made from a looped cotton blend



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Wrap it Up

The towel is a runner’s most multifaceted accessory. Whether stashed in the back of a van, in a bag or hanging in a locker, it triples to dry you off post-run, as a make-shift changing room or as a blanket at the beach. Given all these uses, we believe bigger is better when it comes to post-run towels. 

This extra-large 34x66 towel is made from a blend of 96% cotton and 4% polyester. The face of the fabric has a velour finish and the back is looped to maximize dyring times. Its delivered in bold summer stripes.

96% cotton, 4% polyester

Machine Wash
Tumble Dry Medium

Dry Off

In our minds the best towels are a) big and b) cozy. Our extra-large 34x66 inch towel is long and wide enough for full body wrapping, and the cotton blend fabric with a soft looped back dries quickly but has the heft to make sure you’ll feel warm as you cool down. 

Run Cannonball Run

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West Coast Wander

The road trip is a summer tradition. For adventurous runners, such a journey provides ample opportunities to squeeze in some training. This season, we packed up a VW Westfalia for a trip across Oregon, filled with easy sessions, a track workout in the forest and of course – the run, cannonball, run.