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Varsity Runner's Cap

Our 100% Merino wool cap for winter running. 

26 reviews


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26 reviews

'V' is for Versatile

Our 100% Merino wool Varsity Runner’s Cap will keep you covered from November through February and into early spring, but it’s so stylish and soft, you might actually miss it come summertime.

This 100% Merino wool cap regulates temperature, wicks moisture, and resists odor, even after multiple wears without washing

100% Merino Wool

Hand Wash Cool
Lay Flat to Dry
Warm Iron
Do Not Bleach

Cold Forged

Over the years, runners have donned our Varsity Cap for a host of freezing runs. From an 18-degree day outside of Boston, to morning progression runs in Vermont and snow dusk shakeouts in Boulder, the Merino wool cap keeps heads warm while releasing sweat as the pace picks up. And the quick drying and odor-resisting properties of the wool meant its always ready to go for the next day.

Fit to be

When it comes to deep-winter temperature and moisture management, not to mention downright comfiness, there’s simply nothing like 100% merino. The Varsity Runner’s Cap’s two-gauge construction keeps it fitted without feeling at all constricted. And its understated styling means it’s as at home in your favorite pea coat as it is in training.

Varsity Runner's Cap